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Club Rules

1. The Green

  1. The Green is only available for play at the times shown on the Club notice board.
  2. Flat soled bowling shoes should be worn on the Green at all times. Mats and the correct jack (match or practice) must be used. Members should not wear their bowls shoes outside the club e.g. in the car park.
  3. Members may use the Green without charge for roll ups at any time when a rink is not in use for a league match, competition or other event.
  4. The Groundsman has discretion to declare a rink or the whole Green is not to be played on.
  5. There is no smoking allowed on the path or bank outside the Clubhouse.
  6. All bookings for the Green are to be made in the Club diary in the Clubhouse.

2. Club Competitions

  1. Entries for seasonal competitions must be made by the closing date shown on the notice board.
  1. Any entrant who has not paid the competition fee by the closing date will be ineligible for the draw.
  2. The first drawn is the challenger who is to offer three dates within three days of the start date for the round. The opponent is required to accept a date within three days thereafter. If no dates are offered in due time, the opponent must inform the Competition Secretary.
  3. The challenger will be entered into the next round if there is no result by the closing date of a round and the Competition Secretary is not informed otherwise.
  4. A member who will be on holiday during part of a round is responsible for informing the opponent by the start of the round.
  5. If no mutually agreed date is available the second drawn must accept one of the three dates offered or forfeit the round.
  6. Relatives or partners of competitors should not be asked to mark matches unless agreed by the opposition.
  7. Markers are expected to familiarise themselves with the duties of a marker as laid down by Bowls England and The English Bowling Federation.
  8. Competitors are required to abide by the rules of any competition they enter. Such rules apply in addition to the Club rules specified above.

3. League Matches

  1. Captains are responsible for team selection.
  1. The Captain, or delegate, is responsible for ensuring games are played on the correct setting, completing the rink cards, result sheet and, for home matches, the despatch of the results.
  2. The Captain, or delegate, is responsible for collecting the rink fees and paying them to the Treasurer.
  3. Members are required to tick off their availability on the season’s banding list and to confirm their availability by ticking the team sheet or crossing off their name if unavailable. It is expected that members will inform Captains if unavailable so that a replacement may be found.

4. General

  1. The dress code for league matches is as specified by the leagues. For club competitions it is sleeved white shirts or blouses above and grey below the waist unless otherwise specified. The dress code does not apply to roll-ups or the Umbrella. Shorts, if worn, should be tailored.
  1. In all two bowl league or other representative games, members must have Hykeham stickers on both bowls. In three bowl games at least two bowls must have Hykeham stickers, the third bowl may have a different sticker not belonging to another club or which is similar to that of the opponents.